Welcome to Scope Building Group

Scope Building Group has grown from the challenges, ideas and collaboration of Jason Cheep and Nick Bell who saw a niche in the building trade for a company that dared to be different.

With over 22 years of building experience, Jason has joined with Nick’s 17 years of project management to build a team of dedicated tradespeople.

With many years of experience managing building projects and being involved in the design, project management and construction, Scope Building Group knows how to keep your project on track and on time.

Nick and Jason’s vision, and hence their company policy, is to remove client’s frustrations by giving them direct access to the decision makers, ie the business owners. Within the construction and building industry and in our experience a direct line of communication ensures elimination of any challenges that could occur.

In the tough and competitive prestige boutique building trade, Scope Building Group has gained an enviable reputation for innovative design and exceptional quality.

In fact, our clients see us as their strategic partner in constructing and managing their projects.

With the introduction of our unique 8 Way Industry Guarantee, Scope Building Group is your total solution provider.